Why are you so quiet?

by serjicaladdict

Five simple words I’ve heard repeated to me throughout my life, even to this day.  Why am I so quiet? I used to ask myself that all the time, in hopes of maybe finding a solution.

For most of my childhood and even into my early adulthood, where I am now, I was convinced there was something wrong with me. That, coupled with my timid and shy nature, led to long years of being bullied. Which i believe in turn led to an even deeper withdrawal into myself over time. However, with a new school year comes new experiences. By the time I entered into high school I found a bit more of myself and was fortunate enough to have bullying be almost nonexistent in my high school. Despite that fact, I was still left with a quiet, socially inept kid who had about three friends that would notice if he just disappeared one day. I was completely content, however, with three close friends. just a few friends that mean something to me, and I to them.

Through that experience there’s a few things I’ve come to realize about myself and who I am, that maybe you’ve yet to realize about yourself.

In no order of significance I’ll go over what I’ve learned in my experience thus far. The first thing is, you were born this way. It is in your nature, and thus cannot be wrong.  On average, one out of every three people is an introvert, if being quiet is wrong, that would make 1/3 of the total population born lesser. Everyone is born with strengths and weaknesses. You’ve identified your weakness, now find your strength. Maybe it’s in helping others, maybe you have the gift to truly listen to people and give them acknowledgement. Some of the greatest minds in history were in fact introverts, and through their solitude, changed the course of history. Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, and Rosa Parks were all recognized as introverts and it was not through their physical voice that they moved nations and changed the world. It was by a much more powerful voice, one that was intertwined with who they are, one that is louder than any audible voice. That is the voice of expression, of expressing who they are, what they believe in and what they are capable of.


These people would have never found their true nature or their potential if they had been handed an easy life of grand companionship and constant attention. They were instead granted the ability to flourish in solitude, and to experience a different side of life that required them to try harder to find their voice, the voice of action. 

So if you’re a quiet kind of guy (or girl) who is mostly unassuming and by nature lacks the ability to grab the attention of those around them, you’ve got some work to do. Work hard and find the voice that’s been given to you, the one that no one can ignore. You might just change the world.